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Family Portraits: Debbie, Tung, & Annie

I love photography and was lucky enough to take photos of my dear friends Debbie and Tung, and their beautiful and sweet daughter Annie, a couple of months ago. Taking family portraits is so much more fun when the family is loving! These photos were taken at Mueller Park's Southwest Greenway in Austin, TX. Interested… Continue reading Family Portraits: Debbie, Tung, & Annie

fun, life, photography, texas, USA

February’s Micro-Resolution: Consistency is Key

I have to admit, I failed on my January micro-resolution of giving up carbs. I was doing a good job and doing about 95% no carbs, and then I got a stomach virus and ate bread, rice, and soup (chicken and stars, of course!), and just went downhill from there. Plus, we just moved to… Continue reading February’s Micro-Resolution: Consistency is Key

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A Change in Plans: Our Move to San Antonio

We've been back in the states almost three months now, and have spent time in San Antonio, Austin, and Oklahoma City. I was in Del Rio a few days, as well. All the bouncing around, staying either with family or at a hotel, has been fun but kind of exhausting. We are carrying more things… Continue reading A Change in Plans: Our Move to San Antonio

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Watching Dolphins and Sea Turtles – a Three Hour Tour in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is of course full of beaches, but it's also full of people offering to take you on a tour to release baby sea turtles, see the bioluminescence lagoon, go fishing, or see dolphins. We went to see the sea turtles (albeit not on an official tour), and also took a dolphin tour which… Continue reading Watching Dolphins and Sea Turtles – a Three Hour Tour in Puerto Escondido

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The Benefits of Slow Travel

On Sunday, Rueben and I sat in a very busy Starbucks in the middle of Mexico City and enjoyed hearing nothing but Spanish while drinking our iced beverages. On Monday, we sat at another coffee shop, BlendStation, and listened to nothing but English speakers on conference calls while eating our sandwiches. inside BlendStation While we… Continue reading The Benefits of Slow Travel