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Meal Planning and Budgeting

I touched on this topic in my shopping list post, but meal planning is a very big part of budgeting for grocery shopping! I was always resistant to meal planning, even after my sister told me how beneficial it was and how much easier it made her week. Once my fiancé and I set a… Continue reading Meal Planning and Budgeting


Food Budget update with shopping list!

It's been awhile since I've talked about budgeting, but it's still a big deal for us. We have goals of traveling to Thailand this year, hopefully traveling most of 2019, and having a portfolio to live on instead of having to depend on working, so we try to save as much as we can each… Continue reading Food Budget update with shopping list!

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Camels and bison and goats OH MY – animal safari adventure

I turned 37 (!) last Monday and to celebrate, my friend and I went to The Exotic Zoo Resort and Sweet Berry Farm. I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. I hate seeing the animals caged up, living in environments that aren't similar to their native homes, and alone if they normally travel in packs.… Continue reading Camels and bison and goats OH MY – animal safari adventure

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What if… – questions about travel

we take off next week for a month in Thailand? or spend September and October traveling through Central and South America? What if we spend all of 2019 traveling the world so we can get a huge tax break, amongst other obvious reasons? What if we sell almost all of what we own, take one… Continue reading What if… – questions about travel

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Hardcore FOMO

This post started out to be about our week-long trip to Oklahoma City, but aside from visiting friends and family, we didn't do too much while we were there. We saw some Canada geese at Lake Hefner and spent some time at Myriad Botanical Gardens (photos below), but I got sick and had to cancel our camping… Continue reading Hardcore FOMO