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When You Wish Upon a Disney Vacation…Part 2


Neither Rueben nor I had ever been on a cruise before, and wow. Disney Cruise Line really knows how to do things up! There is even a Facebook page dedicated to our three night cruise where people asked questions, made plans to meet each other, and did this thing called a Fish Extender where you get assigned other state rooms and you exchange gifts! Something like a Secret Santa, but on a ship.



So after a fun morning at Animal Kingdom in Disney World, we headed to Port Canaveral where the ships depart. Disney has its own building for checking in and boarding the ship, which was really interesting.




IMG_1924Rueben with our travel partners, Diana and John.


When getting on our ship (we were on the Dream) the crew members ask for the name of the family, then announce you and applaud you walking in! Such a small thing, but adorable. The interior of the ship is gorgeous. Every little thing is so detailed and beautiful; it’s no wonder they have 1,500 crew members on board. It’s huge!


IMG_2064They had live music every night of the trip, and the little girl dressed as Princess Jasmine was being taught how to pose!
IMG_2066Pictures with Captain Mickey



We splurged and got an upgraded room, and it was super nice. The queen bed was very comfortable (as well as the couch), we had a balcony, and the TV has Disney movies on demand! We watched Monsters University, Oliver & Company, and my fave, Cinderella.

IMG_1939on our balcony


There is so much to do on the ship, it’s pretty awesome. You can watch plays, movies in their theater, go to kid and adult pools, bars, different restaurants, ice cream/burgers/pizza and lots more food ALL DAY, play shuffleboard, or just sit on the deck and enjoy the ocean.

IMG_1960We got to see the new Aladdin in 3D – on the ship!
IMG_1951Look at the glass slippers in the middle!
IMG_1983Live action Beauty and the Beast!


IMG_1953The details are extraordinary. This is one of their bread baskets!
IMG_1958The hallway to our room.
IMG_1998One of the fancy bars on the ship

Each night we were on the ship, we were assigned a main restaurant for dinner. There is Royal Palace, Animator’s Palate, and Enchanted Garden. You can also reserve a table at Palo and Remy, the ship’s upscale restaurants. We went to all three restaurants (one for breakfast on our last morning), and also the delicious Palo for dinner.

Animator’s PalateIMG_2007



People get very excited about Disney and their cruises, and some decorate their doors BIG TIME. Our friend Diana made us some awesome magnets for our door so we wouldn’t feel left out 🙂



Did I mention you could watch movies in, or next to, the pool? So awesome.


We had two port days on our trip – one day in Nassau, Bahamas, and one day in Castaway Cay (pronounced key), Disney’s private island.

IMG_1961View of Atlantis from the ship

To be honest, we weren’t huge fans of Nassau. We had to walk about 20 minutes to get to Junkanoo Beach and probably because it was a Saturday, it was pretty packed. The water was beautiful and we had a nice time, but we also had to walk through a pretty touristy market and lots of souvenir shops to get to the beach.


IMG_1968Before the sunburns

We bought some waterproof pouches for our cameras, which is how I took photos in the water!


Castaway Cay was almost completely different. We took a tram to the adults only beach, and immediately got in line for the delicious buffet that is included with our cruise. The water only got about waist deep so we couldn’t really swim, but it was so beautifully clear, and incredibly relaxing.

IMG_2014View from our balcony





Obviously this cruise was gorgeous, relaxing, and entertaining. I totally wouldn’t mind doing another one, but definitely longer than three nights!





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