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February’s Micro-Resolution: Consistency is Key

I have to admit, I failed on my January micro-resolution of giving up carbs. I was doing a good job and doing about 95% no carbs, and then I got a stomach virus and ate bread, rice, and soup (chicken and stars, of course!), and just went downhill from there. Plus, we just moved to San Antonio so I’m going to new (to me) restaurants where their specialty is chicken fried steak, so of course I have to try it. I’m going to do better, I just didn’t do well this past month…

fullsizeoutput_290c.jpegOf course I had to get their amazing chicken fried steak. I held off from getting their famous 3 lb. cinnamon roll, though!

For February, my goal is consistency. I’m great at starting things, but not great at keeping up with them. So, I’m going to make sure that I am consistent with everything that is good for me.

What does that include?

  1. Working out. I’ve actually done pretty good at working out at our apartment complex gym in the mornings. Most days I’ll wake up between 6-7AM, then walk on the treadmill and do some yoga before getting my day started. I’m going to get back into lifting weights again, which I’m excited about.
  2. Waking up early. Like I said, it’s been happening, but that doesn’t mean that I necessarily want to do it every day. It does feel good to wake up early, work out, and then have the whole day free to be productive, though!
  3. Brushing my teeth at night. Don’t judge!
  4. Eating healthier. I haven’t been doing so great lately and really want to get back on track. I’m shooting for 80% of the time eating healthy and 20% eating not as healthy haha I’m all about balance!
  5. Having better posture. I slouch too much and my back starts to hurt, so I’m paying better attention to how I’m sitting.
  6. Cleaning our apartment. Since we just moved in, I’ve been really good about keeping everything clean and tidy, so I really want to make sure I do that even after we’ve lived there awhile.

If you’re doing the monthly micro-resolutions, what is your February goal? Let me know in the comments!


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