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A Change in Plans: Our Move to San Antonio

We’ve been back in the states almost three months now, and have spent time in San Antonio, Austin, and Oklahoma City. I was in Del Rio a few days, as well. All the bouncing around, staying either with family or at a hotel, has been fun but kind of exhausting. We are carrying more things now that we have our car, and we have stuff everywhere! We don’t know where half the things are, and are a little worn from not having our own space for privacy and comfort.

What? Isn’t this what we wanted? To travel, live out of our backpacks, not have to deal with having to pay monthly rent and utilities? Well….we thought so. We thought we’d live like locals while in another country for a bit, but since we stayed in cities for only 1-2 weeks, it didn’t feel like we really settled down at all. Rueben’s job is demanding and I could tell things were stressing him out, from finding good and stable wifi to being able to take a work call from a quiet café. He also just started a new job a few weeks ago, and it’s proving to be even more demanding, although something that he really loves.

I, on the other hand, realize I don’t do well without structure. If left with an unplanned day, I won’t do much. I would schedule certain things for us to see and do, but since I don’t have a remote job yet, it’s been hard for me to sit down at a computer and really discipline myself to get other things done. I’ve been learning how to code, writing this amazing blog (haha), and job hunting. Even with 15 years of experience as an office manager, I’m having a hard time finding a remote administrative job as I don’t have any remote work experience.

img_1084Traffic, but amazing sunset

Plus, I think not having a home base of our own and having that time to unwind has not been great for our relationship. The stress of travel (as much fun as it is, there is stress involved) plus instability with everything has thrown us for a loop, so having some time to kind of get ourselves together will help. Also, we’ve spent almost all day every day together, which isn’t healthy for any couple. We’ve realized that we need a community to learn from and connect with, which is hard to do when you don’t even know where you’ll be staying from week to week.

fullsizeoutput_2820San Antonio River Walk – our new home!

So where does leave us? We’d been staying with family in San Antonio for the last couple of weeks, and just moved into an apartment in the city. Austin has gotten expensive, so we’re going to live in the 7th largest city in the states instead. I’m looking forward to trying something new, getting my life in order, and sort of starting fresh, but I’m a little disappointed that we won’t be traveling out of the country for awhile. We had all these grand plans but realized that they may not be for us, as least right now. We’re both hoping that after a few months of stability that we’ll have more things in place (secure in our jobs, me finding a sense of worth and a community, Rueben time and stress management) we’ll be able to get back on the road and explore.

fullsizeoutput_28c9Gorgeous sunset view from our co-working spot

On the worthiness note – since when did having a job equal a sense of worth? After leaving my office job, I’ve felt this odd sense of uselessness, even though I was cooking a ton and planning all of our travels. I know that seeing Rueben work so hard at his job makes me feel lazy, and the fact that I’m not bringing any money to the table has been eating at me. Keeping busy with working out, learning new skills, and finding my groove in San Antonio (with our co-working spot, different meetup groups, etc.) will help, and I will feel more accomplished.

fullsizeoutput_28e9The walk (on the river!) from our apartment to our co-working space.

What are your favorite spots in San Antonio? Tell this newbie where she should go!

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  1. Hi Monica – One of my students said his wife works at home (her home office) making reservations for Marriott – might look in to it 🙂 we need to get together one of these days! 🙂

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