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Where Nature, Science, and Culture Meet – The Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was traumatized by a whale. Not a real whale, but an enormous illustration of a whale that engulfed my little body, complete with whale sounds that seemingly came out of nowhere. Overwhelming for me, hilarious to my parents.

The awesome exhibit was at The Witte Museum, and how I wish it were still on display! I got to visit the museum now that we’re back in the states, and it is so great. Amazing lighting on their exhibits, hands-on and interesting displays for kids, and a beautiful outdoor patio right next to the San Antonio River.


IMG_0691Mastodon tooth

IMG_0705Their animal room also included a turtle, fish, and spiders. I wish I could have touched most of them…

IMG_0708Giant Red-headed Centipede

IMG_0718Lesser Siren. Looks like an eel (it’s about a foot long!), but it’s part of the salamander family.


IMG_0728“War Mother” by Charles Umlauf



IMG_0737.jpgI’d never seen so many vultures at once!


IMG_0765Sea Turtles

IMG_0767.jpgDuck-billed Kritosaurus, giant crocodile Deinosuchus, and herbivorous Agujacerotops

IMG_0771Mr. T Rex himself

IMG_0773Of course this depiction of Xochimilco made me miss Mexico City, and reminded me that I never visited Xochimilco…

Special exhibit on pollinators:




Dress and train worn by Marcella Lenora Heard Billups, Princess of the Glory and Grandeur of France, Court of the Napoleonic Empire, 1993, during the Order of the Alamo Coronation. Bees were the personal emblem selected by Emperor Napoleon I, and are the oldest symbol of the monarchy in France.





South Texas Heritage Exhibit:






Obviously, The Witte Museum has so many different exhibits that no matter who visits, they’ll find something great to see.

What are your favorite museums in San Antonio?

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