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Mexico City’s Neighborhoods – Roma, Condesa, and Polanco

Mexico City is the 4th largest city in the world, so obviously it can be daunting to decide which neighborhoods to visit. NomadList is a great resource for us because we can talk to people that live in (or have visited) the countries and cities we’re interested in and get advice on where to go. Where else do I find good places to go? Google is an obviously amazing tool. I look up free or inexpensive museums, new and interesting structures or touristy areas to see, and great but low-budget restaurants to visit. Once I find something that looks good, I see where else in that area we can visit.

Roma, Condesa, and Polanco are more of the modern to upscale neighborhoods that we spent time in. You could say that Roma and Condesa are more for hipsters, and Polanco is more for people with money (and those of us that like to see pretty stuff). The neighborhoods all have gorgeous architecture, amazing restaurants and cafés, and are great for people watching from the many plazas and parks.

Photos from MODO (Museum del Objeto del Objeto):IMG_0419

IMG_042050th anniversary of the Olympics in Mexico City



IMG_0438Plaza Rio de Janeiro in Roma Norte


IMG_0441Can you spot the pig?
IMG_0442She made my day!
IMG_0445Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia
IMG_0460This little beauty was climbing a tree after a squirrel when we saw her, then she let me give her some pets! She was so sweet.

Parque Lincoln in Polanco:IMG_0538

IMG_0541Espacio Cultural Nelson Mandela
IMG_0547Looking for an insanely fancy mall with only luxury brands? This is your place!
IMG_0549Our favorite bakery, Esperanza. You can get so much delicious stuff for such a small price!

Antara Mall – We hung out there twice with our laptops because it’s so beautiful and the food court is actually really peaceful in the morning.IMG_0571




IMG_0572Their fancy outdoor fountain

Also in Polanco is the Soumaya Museum, which I wrote about the last time we went to Mexico City.IMG_5534.jpg

IMG_4570Creepy but awesome statue in Condesa


Some of our favorite cafés and restaurants in Roma, Condesa, and Polanco:
Tomas Tea
Taquería Álvaro Obregón
Esperanza Bakery
Dosis Café
El Pendulo Cafebría
Cielito Querido Café
– Churrería El Moro
Asian Bay
Café de Raiz

What are your favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City?

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