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Mexico City, You So Pretty – Neighborhoods in the Capital City

There are 16 colonias (boroughs) in Mexico City, and each borough boasts its own neighborhoods. We usually stick around the Cuahtémoc borough, which includes Centro Histórico and Chinatown, Reforma (financial district), Roma Norte and Roma Sur, and Hipódromo Condesa – all neighborhoods that we love. In this post, I’ll be featuring Centro Histórico and Reforma.

All over Mexico City, you can find great little plazas and walkways surrounded by trees that feature fountains and statues.IMG_0398

IMG_0408Those electric scooters are as popular here as they are in Austin!
IMG_0412Christmas ‘tree’ above Arena Mexico where they hold Lucha Libre matches

We didn’t go inside the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, but luckily they have some great sculptures outside for us to see.IMG_0463

IMG_0457Busts of Mahatma Gahdhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela
IMG_0459Part of the Berlin Wall





While searching Yelp!, I found a café with an amazing view of Palacio de Bellas Artes where we saw a ballet folklórico performance earlier this year. After realizing that the location on the map wasn’t correct and reading some reviews of the place, we finally found the café – on the 8th floor of Sears! We also couldn’t find elevators, so we took a bunch of escalators to get to the 8th floor. Totally worth it.



Close to our hotel is an amazing artisans’ market, La Ciudadela. It’s so enormous that I got kind of lost and found myself going down the same aisle multiple times, but it was totally fine because there was so much great stuff to see.IMG_0490



Examples of Huichol art:IMG_0493



IMG_5510Angel de la Independencia
IMG_0397One of our favorite coffee shops in town; this location is in Reforma

We haven’t eaten at this restaurant yet, but I LOVE their decor!IMG_0503





Pandas are my favorite!


IMG_0512I had the best banana cupcake ever at this bakery in Reforma. SO good!

This is the first time we’ve gotten a hotel in Centro Histórico, and it’s been great being in walking distance of so many new places for us!

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Mexico City?

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