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What I’ve Been Doing Lately – Planning, Packing, and More Planning

We haven’t traveled anywhere recently (besides San Antonio, TX where we played tourist), but we have been planning a big move!

Rueben and I have been talking about traveling since we first got together, almost two years ago. I’ve always looked forward to each trip I’ve taken, even if it was a weekend get away to the next town over. So, we’ve decided to do travel long-term – at least for a year. We’ll be starting off in Mexico since we’re familiar with it and know that we’ll spend less money there than we do in Austin. I love it here in Austin and love being close to my friends and family, but I feel like travel isn’t something you should wait to do.

We’ve already provided notice to our landlord, booked our first flight to Mexico City, booked our first hotel – the lovely $12/night hotel where we first stayed, and also booked the same Airbnb in Puerto Escondido that we stayed the first time we went. It’s bittersweet; I’m super excited to travel, but also pretty sad to be leaving my friends and family whom I’m really close to.

We’re packing up all our belongings with plans of leaving some stuff with my parents, some with Rueben’s, and a lot of it to Salvation Army since they do pick ups. We plan on only traveling with one large backpack and one small backpack, but I’ll be coming back to the states every few months to visit and pick up supplies and whatever clothes we want to switch out.

I know this may sound crazy, but it’s extremely exciting. I’ve always wanted to be that adventurous woman who spends the majority of her life in nature, traveling, and experiencing new things. As much as I’ve traveled, and even solo traveled, I don’t feel like that woman yet. I hope that this new experience will fulfill that desire.

Stay tuned for more blogs about our new adventure!

3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing Lately – Planning, Packing, and More Planning”

  1. Monica, this is a beautiful plan. You won’t regret it. Beka and Ray did about an 8 month honeymoon and it was wonderful for them. Go for it!!!

    😍Mrs. Overfelt


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