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Mexico City Part Two – Branching Out

After an interesting day at Centro Histórico and riding the city bus, Rueben decided we should take Uber from now on since they’re the most trusted transportation in the city, they drop you off right at your location, and they’re so affordable. The base price is $40.14 MXN, which is $2.02 USD, and our longest trip so far, about 30 min, only cost us $4.75 USD!

On our second day we ate at OaxacAqui and tried tejate, a traditional Oaxacan drink that is a little chocolate flavored and served cold. We also had café de olla, which is Rueben’s new love. It’s delicious! The decor at OaxacAqui was so cute, all the plates and coffee mugs were made out of clay, and our waitress was incredibly sweet.



Across the street is a small park with a beautiful kiosk, Kiosco Morisco. There were many people walking their (unruly) dogs, people campaigning, and vendors.





A short walk away is the beautiful library Biblioteca Vasconselos. It’s a large public library that has amazing architecture. Luckily we went at the same time that a student orchestra, La Orquesta Escuela Carlos Chávez (videos here and here), was there so we got to listen to them play with opera singers.


There’s also a serene garden outside the second floor with so many fig and pomegranate trees, and Inca doves!



Next door to the library is a large metro (subway) station that also has a shopping center. What I thought would be a small group of stores is a HUGE mall with so so many stores!

A short Uber ride later, Rueben and I arrived at Dosis Cafe, a really cute coffee shop in Roma Norte, one of the hipper boroughs in Mexico City. We definitely go to a lot of coffee shops in Austin, and we’re continuing that trend in Mexico.

beautiful architecture from the car windowIMG_4555

When there are churros next door, you HAVE to go. I had heard great things about El Moro Churrería, so of course we went before dinner. The interior is beautiful, and the smell of the churros is so freaking delicious. Plus, you get four huge churros and a dipping sauce for $27 MXN, which is $1.33 USD!


We then ate way too much at Taquitos Fronteraqueso flameado con chorizo, pozole, and pastor alambre. We drank beers while people watching, enjoying the rain under the canopy.


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